Rocchetta, Italy’s #1 sparkling water and Uliveto mineral waters brands are brought to America for the first time by The N Beverage Group!

Our corporate positioning includes international market campaigns, aggressive and competitive price points and superior sales support. In today’s economy we are offering your company a product that will yield higher profit margins without compromising quality all while representing a prestigious world recognized brand. Additionally, our logistics options offer a one stop shop option to assure appropriate inventory availability of the freshest product day in and day out.

Our Natural and Sparkling Rocchetta branded water products are available in both glass and plastic, suitable for both the retail and institutional business trade. Rocchetta Natural Water is a delicately mineralized water, exceptionally light and pure, while Rocchetta Sparkling Water ‘Brio Blu’ combines the right amount of sparkle with all the lightness and the same health properties.

Our Uliveto brand is a unique brand of natural spring water. Uliveto is a functional water which helps digestion and is known for its unique taste and health properties. Uliveto is widely recognized in Italy for the health benefits inherent in living a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to the rich natural blend of minerals including calcium, bicarbonate of soda, magnesium and potassium. This product is particularly recommended as a stimulant in the digestive process as well as a perfect accompaniment to fine food.

The N Beverage Group Corp. has exclusive importing and distribution rights for the Rocchetta, Uliveto and Elisir brand products in the United States and we are dedicated to providing these superior imported beverages to quality conscious distributors serving the food service, beverage and restaurant industry.